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Offshore software outsourcing to Sudan, outsource web design, web development, business processes
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Many US or European and African enterprises are still uninformed about benefits of software outsourcing to SUDAN based software development companies with their low cost programming and high skilled professionals and they don't take advantage of this opportunity. There are some reasons of it - they don't want to learn about outsourcing, they are afraid of a language gap, they don't want to build additional infrastructure to support business relationship over the Internet and they don't have anyone to advice them how to do it.

With COMPUTER GUARD, you don't have to worry about it, as our highly professional project managers will closely cooperate with you to help you better understand what the outsourcing is and how to better combine your company's and COMPUTER GUARD's resources. 

As an offshore software outsourcing resource based in SUDAN, COMPUTER GUARD offers a variety of services for offshore IT outsourcing like web site design and development, e-Commerce & Portal solutions, backend system integration, multi-tier Client-server solutions, custom software packages, platform migration and much more. COMPUTER GUARD team is particularly well versed in Client/Server and e-Commerce technology and is fully capable to provide clients with the most advanced software solutions implementing ASP/PHP/JSP technologies.

By following a highly productive offshore development model, COMPUTER GUARD strives to optimize its internal resources in compliance with your business objectives and requirements. We are prepared to propose projects staffed by a blend of local computer scientists, programmers, mathematicians and designers. Our programmers graduated from the best universities and institutes. We provide our customers with a software development process, which meets the international standards of planning, management and quality assurance.

While the main purpose of offshore outsourcing appears to be cost management through wage arbitrage, there's more to it than that. You can utilize the services of our offshore development center in SUDAN, to benefit in ways like:

  • Rapid migration to new technology
  • Strategic Re-deployment of resources
  • Access to our technical expertise and domain knowledge
  • And most significantly, by exploiting the time zone difference to ensure your business is flexible, focused, and cost-effective.

COMPUTER GUARD proposition is an exclusive mix of:

  • Enhanced time-to-market
  • Quality Assurance
  • Extensive knowledge base
  • Advanced project management
  • Customer centric approach

COMPUTER GUARD has invested time and resources to help you maximize your IT leverage over all parameters of a project. We aim to become the one-stop offshore IT outsourcing destination for all of your IT requirements.

Software Quality Assurance

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